Time is everything

Granted that there are people who are basically addicts of social media and they are always online. Be sure though that these people are very few; this especially holds true if you are one person who is looking to enjoy a  good number of free likes and free followers. These people will not be able to get you all the likes and followers that you want. They should thus not form your main target audience. You might be wondering why this is so.

It is very simple. A large number of people in the world who use social media are usually occupied during the day. Most are in school, others are working, and others are running businesses and so and so forth. This then simply means that they do not have the idle time to be on social media the whole day. It is then important that you know the perfect time to post your content to capture their interest. If you post your content in the middle of the day when everyone is busy, most people will not see it and when they finally get to see it a few hours later, it will have already lost its ump! Research has actually shown that the perfect time to post content on social media is between 5pm and 2am.

Soundcloud Plays That Will Help You Start You Music Career

For every aspiring musician across the world, perhaps the trickiest part is usually how to kick start your music career and have a break through. Well, in most cases, quite a number of people have tried and their efforts have turned futile for one reason or another and this has discouraged many other people from trying. But with the inception of soundcloud, a social media platform that helps you nurture your music talent, starting your music career does not have to be as difficult as many people have deemed it to be.

However, joining soundcloud alone does not accomplish the ambition. You have to go an extra mile and garner soundcloud plays from your followers within the network. After all, the essence of sharing your music on soundcloud is to have other people listen to it and get to share their views and comments right? Starting your music career will be much easier if you have many soundcloud plays because it creates the impression that your music is really good and worth listening to. So make it your sole aim to garner as many plays as possible for your content.