Massage Chair on Your Workplace – Isn’t it great?

News 05:03 March 2024:

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Nowadays, number of companies providing massage chairs as one of the employee benefits is totally increasing. It provides not only an additional perk from working with the company, but it can also be considered as one of the damage control strategies since it greatly reduces the risk of stress in the workplace which in turn decreases the cost companies will spend when it comes to their employees health and welfare.

Several different factors creates stress at workplaces. Long hours of work, certain position like standing or sitting for long hours, demands on deadlines, cramming, and more can definitely affect employees mental, emotional, and mostly, physical health.

While it is true that having a clinic in the company can help alleviate the effect, massage chair can do its part as well.

Stress in workplaces can take its toll on the company, be it monetary wise or in manpower. Initially companies would take their responsibility to help the employee especially when they got sick while they are working. However, when the number of impacted employees increase, the amount of money the companies have to spend increases as well.

Sickness complaint can be as mild as body ache and headache, but it can also be as worse as anxiety, elevated blood pressure, alcoholism, emotional stress, and even mental illness.

So how can companies prevent these from happening? Yes, company clinics with a nurse and doctor on duty, and of course, massage chairs.

It is definitely beneficial for both employers and employee to have a massage chair in the office. It will be the sweetest fifteen minute break for everybody at work. Here are some more benefits having a massage chair in workplaces can provide:

  • This will give employees few moments to be calm and relaxed so they can do more,
  • It provides mental relaxation as de-stress strategy.
  • It will definitely be easier to attract applicants since massage chair benefit is not just effective in the workplace but also when they get off of work. They can have few minutes on relaxation in the massage chair before getting off to make sure they’ll be ready for any other activities they may have after work.
  • With improved blood circulation, it will definitely help employees come up with a more productive output.
  • It will improve the employee’s concentration and they’ll be able to handle it more effectively if in case stress comes in.
  • Brain activity will be increase and sluggishness brought about by long hours of work will be prevented.
  • It will help release anxious feelings and lower stress
  • Workers will be more engaged. According to studies, perks such as massage chairs is more preferred that salary increases. When workers are satisfied with their benefits, they stay longer.
  • Apart from preventing attrition, workers performance may also improve. This is because massage chairs enhances brain performance. Studies shows that after minutes in the massage chair, brains performs a whole lot better compared to people who doesn’t use it.
  • Chronic back pain which is an injury that can be considered as workplace related can be avoided.
  • Massage chairs can also decrease company cost when it comes to employee health care. Studies were made comparing blood samples before people get a massage, and after it. It was found that after the massage there’s an increase in white blood cells which is a major component of the human immune system. When there’s a boost in the immune system, it is going to be a better fight against sickness and diseases.
  • Decrease in the attrition rate of the company. Wellness activities and programs will help in a way that when employees are happy and healthy, they would definitely advocate the company.

To reiterate it further, massage chairs on workplaces is definitely an effective technique to preserve well-being of the workers and at the same time provide a cost effective manpower management. It will provide a win-win situation. Workers physical, mental, and emotional health will be well preserved which in turn would benefit the company by having employees who are effective and agile. Workplace massage chair positively impacts the workers so they can provide good output, people will stay, and the company will grow.