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Every week I hear stories from nursing mothers in which their doctors gave them incorrect information or bad advice about breastfeeding. It’s frustrating, because people want to feel that their doctors are knowledgeable and that their advice is trustworthy. People often feel that they have to follow a doctor’s advice. Unfortunately, this advice too often [...]

I hear people say that they want to use bottles so that their husband/partner can bond with baby by feeding the baby a bottle. I’ve heard this as the reason from people who decided to feed formula, people who decided to exclusively pump, and people who decided to breastfeed but give bottles too. We used [...]

Melissa K. of The New Mommy Files wrote in Prioritizing to Find Balance on the Natural Parents Network My agreement with a cause does not equate to passion. I think gender-neutral parenting is important, for example, and I strive to raise my child without the pressure to fit into a stereotype. The reality is, however, [...]

For most breastfeeding mothers who need (or choose) to go back to work (or school), the end of maternity leave is a stressful time.  You may be wondering if your baby will take a bottle or not, or whether she will come to prefer the bottle over you.  You may be wondering how you will [...]

Tandem Nursing Q&A


Here are the answers to some of the most frequent questions I’ve been asked about tandem nursing.  If you have any other questions about tandem nursing, let me know in the comments and I’ll try to answer! I’d love to hear about others’ experiences with tandem nursing too! Is it possible to keep nursing while [...]

The introduction to The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding specifies that “in addition to talking about breastfeeding, we’ll deliberately be using the word nursing because to us it means a connection that’s more than just the milk.”  When people talk about the “benefits of breastfeeding,” they are often really talking about the benefits of breast milk [...]

Extended pumping


Sweets is 16 months old, and I’m still pumping at work. Munchkin never took a bottle, but I still pumped with her for my comfort and supply anyway. And I nursed her on my lunch break. I did need some milk to send to daycare – just in case she would take it, and because [...]

A study was recently brought to my attention that basically advocates supplementing with formula within the first two weeks of birth in order to reduce likelihood of cow’s milk allergy. The first author of the study, in interviews by the press, stated his recommendation to breastfeed while “simply complementing it with cow’s milk early on.” [...]

Changing Goals

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I didn’t want to come back to work full-time until Munchkin was 6 months old, specifically because I wanted to make sure that I could breastfeed that long. I knew that my mother had weaned me at 7 months when she went back to school, and I had the idea that it was nearly impossible to keep up breastfeeding while being separated from your baby during the day.