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Every week I hear stories from nursing mothers in which their doctors gave them incorrect information or bad advice about breastfeeding. It’s frustrating, because people want to feel that their doctors are knowledgeable and that their advice is trustworthy. People often feel that they have to follow a doctor’s advice. Unfortunately, this advice too often [...]

There is a lot of confusion about proper breast milk storage. That is because it seems like every source is giving us conflicting information on this topic! Some moms go by “the rule of 8″: 8 hours at room temperature, 8 days in the refrigerator, 8 months in the freezer. I’ve also heard this as [...]

Asking for it


A mom told me today that she would like to nurse until 12 months, but she is hesitant to nurse much longer because she thinks that a child who can ask to nurse is too old to nurse. This is not the first time I’ve heard this kind of statement, that a child who can [...]

Melissa K. of The New Mommy Files wrote in Prioritizing to Find Balance on the Natural Parents Network My agreement with a cause does not equate to passion. I think gender-neutral parenting is important, for example, and I strive to raise my child without the pressure to fit into a stereotype. The reality is, however, [...]

The introduction to The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding specifies that “in addition to talking about breastfeeding, we’ll deliberately be using the word nursing because to us it means a connection that’s more than just the milk.”  When people talk about the “benefits of breastfeeding,” they are often really talking about the benefits of breast milk [...]

A recent opinion piece has been going around the breastfeeding circles. The author, the editor of a baby magazine, states that she formula fed and she gives several reasons why which are largely based in fallacy. Then she calls breastfeeding “creepy”. Sure, she can decide to do whatever she wants with her breasts. But I [...]

“Extended” I guess, because many people in our culture think that 12 months is the time to wean, if you haven’t already.