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Every week I hear stories from nursing mothers in which their doctors gave them incorrect information or bad advice about breastfeeding. It’s frustrating, because people want to feel that their doctors are knowledgeable and that their advice is trustworthy. People often feel that they have to follow a doctor’s advice. Unfortunately, this advice too often [...]

Many babies go through a distractible or disinterested phase somewhere around 10-15 months, where baby seems much less interested in nursing. For moms who would like to wean around 12 months, this can be a window of time that can make that transition easier. If you are interested in weaning, you can use this opportunity [...]

The latest nursing-in-public scandal involves a mother who was nursing in her gym (Pure Fitness). The gym did not want her to nurse in the child care area because they were concerned about children being exposed to breastfeeding without their parents’ specific consent. (It is interesting to note that no actual parent complaints were noted) [...]

Melissa K. of The New Mommy Files wrote in Prioritizing to Find Balance on the Natural Parents Network My agreement with a cause does not equate to passion. I think gender-neutral parenting is important, for example, and I strive to raise my child without the pressure to fit into a stereotype. The reality is, however, [...]

This week at our La Leche League meeting, we had a “Weaning Party” for Munchkin.  I took a few minutes from the meeting and gave her two gifts: a little book that I made her which tells her nursing story with pictures through the years, and a milk pendant necklace.  The necklace has two little [...]

Happy Birthday Sweets! Today my Sweets turns two! That means that I have officially achieved my goal of breastfeeding her for two years! Not that I had any doubt, after nursing Munchkin until she weaned on her own at 4+ years, that I could nurse Sweets for at least two years. But it is nice [...]

For most breastfeeding mothers who need (or choose) to go back to work (or school), the end of maternity leave is a stressful time.  You may be wondering if your baby will take a bottle or not, or whether she will come to prefer the bottle over you.  You may be wondering how you will [...]

This post was written for inclusion in the Carnival of Breastfeeding: Your Family History. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My mom doesn’t know if she was breastfed as a baby.  My grandmother died several years ago, and by the time I was breastfeeding my children, and my mom thought to ask about it, it was too late.  My mom [...]

Tandem Nursing Q&A


Here are the answers to some of the most frequent questions I’ve been asked about tandem nursing.  If you have any other questions about tandem nursing, let me know in the comments and I’ll try to answer! I’d love to hear about others’ experiences with tandem nursing too! Is it possible to keep nursing while [...]

Close to Weaning?


I lay here snuggled close to you in your bed. Your little hand still cradles my nipple, but your lips no longer do. Your eyes are drooping, but you are not yet asleep. I caress your hair at your temple, and hum softly. I finish a verse and pause, and you sleepily say “Try again, [...]