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Welcome to the Carnival of Tandem Nursing This post was written for inclusion in the Carnival of Tandem Nursing hosted by Mommying My Way. Our participants have shared their personal stories of the highs the lows and information on what to expect if tandeming is in your future. Please read to the end of each [...]

Welcome to the Pregnancy Necessities Carnival! This post was written for inclusion in the Pregnancy Necessities Carnival hosted by Parenting God’s Children. Today, participants share what they simply cannot live without during their pregnancies or simply what to gather for their upcoming new addition. Please see the full list of links to the other carnival [...]

I hear people say that they want to use bottles so that their husband/partner can bond with baby by feeding the baby a bottle. I’ve heard this as the reason from people who decided to feed formula, people who decided to exclusively pump, and people who decided to breastfeed but give bottles too. We used [...]

Melissa K. of The New Mommy Files wrote in Prioritizing to Find Balance on the Natural Parents Network My agreement with a cause does not equate to passion. I think gender-neutral parenting is important, for example, and I strive to raise my child without the pressure to fit into a stereotype. The reality is, however, [...]

I think that Sweets is night-weaning herself.  It’s odd, because this is not how it happened with Munchkin. I got pregnant when Munchkin was 27 months old, and I felt like I had to night-wean her at that time.  Munchkin would just sleep latched on all night!  It was a somewhat long process, but she [...]

I think I’m ready to call Munchkin weaned. It’s been 3 months since she last nursed. She was 4 years, 7 months, 11 days old. Though Munchkin hasn’t nursed in 3 months, she has not wanted to call herself weaned. I have offered to read Maggie’s Weaning to her a few times, but she adamantly [...]



I consider myself somewhat of an expert in breastfeeding.  Granted, I’m a lay expert.  I’m not an IBCLC or even any other kind of lactation consultant/counselor/educator/etc. I’m not a La Leche Leage leader either (though I am the treasurer for our group).  But I have spent a lot of time breastfeeding and talking about breastfeeding [...]

Nursling Identity


Munchkin insists that she’s not weaned. She doesn’t care that the last time she nursed was over a month ago. It doesn’t mean she is weaned. Last night, while I was reading her story, she slyly unbuttoned my shirt and peered inside. Our conversation went something like this: Munchkin: Can I have some Mommy’s milk? [...]

Tandem Nursing Q&A


Here are the answers to some of the most frequent questions I’ve been asked about tandem nursing.  If you have any other questions about tandem nursing, let me know in the comments and I’ll try to answer! I’d love to hear about others’ experiences with tandem nursing too! Is it possible to keep nursing while [...]

Tegu, Baby

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We have been talking about getting the girls Tegu blocks this year.  My husband thinks they look really cool.  So today, he linked me to Tegu Live, which was pretty fun to watch.  What happens is that you use Twitter to request what you want the Tegu Genius to build, and then he builds it!  [...]