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Every week I hear stories from nursing mothers in which their doctors gave them incorrect information or bad advice about breastfeeding. It’s frustrating, because people want to feel that their doctors are knowledgeable and that their advice is trustworthy. People often feel that they have to follow a doctor’s advice. Unfortunately, this advice too often [...]

Just a short note to show off my pumpkin carved with the international breastfeeding symbol. Inspired by peaceful parenting. Did anyone else carve advocacy pumpkins? Please share!

I have been going to La Leche League (LLL) meetings since Munchkin was born, for 5+ years now. I have been to 7 different LLL groups in the area, but most of my time has been spent with the same one, and I have gone to almost every meeting at that group in the last [...]

I hear people say that they want to use bottles so that their husband/partner can bond with baby by feeding the baby a bottle. I’ve heard this as the reason from people who decided to feed formula, people who decided to exclusively pump, and people who decided to breastfeed but give bottles too. We used [...]

Just Cover Up?


It seems like I hear more stories about mothers being given a hard time for nursing in public in the summertime.  Just in the past month, there was the story about the mom on the bus, the mom at the YMCA, and the mom at Whole Foods.  I posted a link to the Whole Foods [...]

Melissa K. of The New Mommy Files wrote in Prioritizing to Find Balance on the Natural Parents Network My agreement with a cause does not equate to passion. I think gender-neutral parenting is important, for example, and I strive to raise my child without the pressure to fit into a stereotype. The reality is, however, [...]

Happy Birthday Sweets! Today my Sweets turns two! That means that I have officially achieved my goal of breastfeeding her for two years! Not that I had any doubt, after nursing Munchkin until she weaned on her own at 4+ years, that I could nurse Sweets for at least two years. But it is nice [...]



I consider myself somewhat of an expert in breastfeeding.  Granted, I’m a lay expert.  I’m not an IBCLC or even any other kind of lactation consultant/counselor/educator/etc. I’m not a La Leche Leage leader either (though I am the treasurer for our group).  But I have spent a lot of time breastfeeding and talking about breastfeeding [...]

This post was written for inclusion in the Carnival of Breastfeeding: Your Family History. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My mom doesn’t know if she was breastfed as a baby.  My grandmother died several years ago, and by the time I was breastfeeding my children, and my mom thought to ask about it, it was too late.  My mom [...]

A version of this post also appeared as a guest post on Natural Parents Network (where I am a moderator on the forums) and Code Name: Mama ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Signing with Children for Fun and Communication Sweets is now 16 months old, and she doesn’t talk. She is currently being evaluated by specialists and is enrolled [...]