“This Milk Tastes Good” is a children’s book about breastfeeding in which the child imagines that her mother’s milk tastes like all the things that she sees her mother eating.

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“This Milk Tastes Good” is a children’s book about breastfeeding in which the child imagines that her mother’s milk tastes like all the things that she sees her mother eating. The greeting cards feature illustrations from the book.

From our reviewer, Alicia at Lactation Narration:



“This Milk Tastes Good” is written by Chenniah Patrick and illustrated by her husband, V. Kuroji Patrick. This children’s book features a black family which consists of a mother, father, and baby. The baby appears about 9 months old to me and is fairly androgynous, but my older daughter decided that the baby was a girl because she wears earrings.

The text of this book is written from the baby’s perspective. Baby comments that the milk tastes good, and imagines that it tastes like the various foods that baby sees mama eating. These foods include a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, spaghetti and meatballs, oatmeal, a veggie dog, spinach and lettuce, and chocolate kisses. In the introduction, the author describes reading about how breast milk can subtly taste like whatever the mother eats, and this led her to make up a song for her baby about all the things she had eaten throughout the day. This song became the basis for the book. The author states that “the book is in no way suggesting that breast milk drastically changes in flavour, or tastes exactly like what the mother has eaten. The goal is for the child to connect breast milk with healthy foods.”

child reading book

The baby is shown nursing, both with a cover-up at the park and without one at home. The father is shown supporting the mother and bonding with baby, and at one point thawing a bag of frozen “Mama’s Milk” as well, but no bottle imagery is shown on the page. Overall, the imagery in this book helps to normalize breastfeeding.

The baby is also shown being worn by both mom and dad. Babywearing enthusiasts may notice that the baby is worn facing outward in a “crotch-dangler” style carrier.

I am always happy to find a book that features breastfeeding to read with my nursing toddler. My 3 year old liked this book immediately and after the first read-through was reciting “This milk tastes good, this milk tastes yummy”. I think that she is in a good age range for this book based on the length of the book (12 pages with words) and the amount of words on each page (2 lines). There were enough words to keep her attention – not too few to be bored, and not too many to be restless. After I read the book to her, she decided to “read” it to her baby doll.
child reading book

Of course I like that this book normalizes breastfeeding, and I think it is noteworthy that it does so with a black family. I also liked that the father was included in this story about breast milk, and shown to be involved and supportive of breastfeeding too. The father is shown wearing baby, grocery shopping, reading to baby, and thawing frozen breastmilk.

My main problem with this book is that it is a paperback as opposed to a board book. For the age range that I would expect this book to be most popular with, a paperback is more likely to get accidentally torn. My daughter played with this book by herself for about 10 minutes and didn’t rip it though, so maybe I am just not giving her enough credit.


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