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Munchkin is turning 6. Which means it’s been a whole year now since her 5th birthday and her weaning party.

In the past year, she has asked me to read her weaning book to her several times, and she enjoys looking at the photos. She has worn her milk pendant necklace only a few times, but she does like it.

She is still very aware of nursing – if only because her little sister is still nursing daily. She also loves to come to LLL meetings with me.

I asked her if she remembers her 5th birthday party, and at first she actually described her 4th birthday. I reminded her about her 5th birthday and then asked if she also remembered her weaning party. She said yes, she did remember it.

I asked her what she remembers about nursing, and she said she does not remember actually nursing. I found this very surprising!

First – it wasn’t that long ago. She remembers plenty of things that happened when she was younger than that. But, granted, the last time she nursed was almost 6 months before she actually considered herself weaned, so it has been a year and a half. She was 4.5 years old.

Second – it was something that happened so many times, that there are lots of opportunities for memories. Though she didn’t nurse as frequently when she was 4.

Third – it was something that was so important to her for so long. I was just sure she would have remembered it!

She remembers about it of course. She knows that she nursed and she remembers weaning. She enjoys looking at the pictures. She enjoys hearing the story of her nursing and weaning. But she says she doesn’t remember actually nursing!

My husband was not at all surprised. He thinks it is because nursing was such an everyday, routine activity. It didn’t stand out as a special occasion to be remembered, the way that her birthday party did, for example.

I had hoped that she might remember it fondly as she grew up, the way that I have a single memory of my mother rocking me and singing to me to sleep when I was 3 years old. I’m sure that my mother did that more than just that once, but I only have that one memory of it.

It makes me sad that she doesn’t remember nursing anymore. I thought that one of the benefits of nursing her past 4 years old would be that she would have memories of nursing. And that those memories of nursing might some day influence her own decisions as a mother the way that my own memory influenced mine.

But even if she doesn’t remember, I know that I always will. And I am glad that I have photos and that I wrote down the story of her nursing years to help me share that with her as she gets older.

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