I hear people say that they want to use bottles so that their husband/partner can bond with baby by feeding the baby a bottle. I’ve heard this as the reason from people who decided to feed formula, people who decided to exclusively pump, and people who decided to breastfeed but give bottles too.

We used a bottle occasionally with Sweets to keep her used to it before she started daycare (Munchkin never took a bottle), but my husband did not feel that it was a bonding experience, just a chore, and we would not have done it if I wasn’t going back to work. Maybe his opinion was formed as a result of having never fed Munchkin a bottle, so he knew he could bond with Sweets without a bottle too. He preferred other activities, such as holding, rocking, bathing, and playing with her for bonding. There are so many ways for a father to bond with his baby besides giving bottles.

Here are a few ideas (Note that mothers can also use all of these techniques, whether breastfeeding or not):

  1. Hold baby on your chest
  2. Take your shirt off – hold baby skin to skin
  3. Sit with knees up and baby facing you on legs
  4. Look into baby’s eyes
  5. Rock baby
  6. Talk to baby
  7. Sing to baby
  8. Dance with baby
  9. Read to baby
  10. Play with baby
  11. Get down on the floor with baby
  12. Kiss and hug baby
  13. Touch /caress/cuddle baby
  14. Wear baby
  15. Go outside with baby
  16. Bathe baby
  17. Sleep with/near baby
  18. Let baby sleep in your arms
  19. Change baby’s diaper
  20. Feed baby solids (when old enough)
  21. So go ahead and breastfeed, and don’t worry about your partner needing to give baby bottles just in order to bond. Your partner will be able to find many other ways to bond with baby.



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